Graduate Researchers, 2016

Mohit gupta worked as a graduate researcher with our group in 2015-2016. His research area was silica nanoparticle synthesis and application in oxygen sensing devices. He is currently placed as data analyst in Cognizant, a software development company. 

Graduate Researchers, 2016

Kanjkha Pal worked in our group as graduate researcher in 2013-2015. He is currently doing Ph.D. in Purdue University.

Graduate Researchers, 2016

Swaraj Vidyasagar worked in this group as a graduate researcher in 2015-2016. His research interest was synthesis of copper nanowires. He is currently working as senior project assistant in NCL, Pune.

Undergraduate Researchers, 2016

Ujjwal Dubey, worked in our group as undergraduate researcher in 2015-2016.